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Posted September 14, 2012 by JRL in ART & DESIGN

Some exhibitions politely attempt to entice viewers with pretty paintings and friendly photography. Not so at This Pop is Perfection, the latest show from visual artist and nightlife impresario Desi Santiago, now showing at Envoy Enterprises‘ newly expanded gallery space in NYC’s Lower East Side. Here, pleasantries have been replaced with a series of attention-grabbing works featuring robotic fingers gesturing viewers to come hither, electrified googly eyes, a floor-to-ceiling illuminated pentagram, kaleidoscopic mosaics, and clacking dentures attached to motorized chains. If that’s not enough to grab you, the rack of eerily arousing mesh jersey body suits modeled by life-sized translucent silhouettes—complete with a row of matching face masks hovering on a shelf above—should do the trick. Through October 14. Envoy Enterprises, 131 Chrystie Street, New York 10002. MAP.

Photos courtesy of Envoy Enterprises.


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