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Posted June 4, 2012 by JRL in FILM
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The Great Gatsby was one of those rare “required reading” books we actually enjoyed in high school (seriously, read it!). The problem for a Hollywood studio trying to bring F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s iconic Jazz Age novel to the big screen is that millions of other people did too. Adapting material beloved by so many for the big screen, especially one filled with such vivid descriptions of an iconic era, is practically asking for failure. Such was the fate of the 1974 film version, starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow, which famously crashed at the box office harder than a jumper off the Art Deco spire of the Chrysler Building.

Hoping to fare better is director Baz Luhrmann, who’s corralled another all-star cast—led by Leonardo DiCaprio as the enigmatic Jay Gatsby—for a flashy new 3-D remake, out Christmas 2012. He’s off to a good start, judging by the trailer, which shows he’s nailed the look and feel of the period. And he didmanage to get us excited about Romeo and Juliet, (something our 8th grade English teacher never could). Then again, he also directed Australia. Fingers crossed!



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