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Posted April 2, 2012 by JRL in PRINTED MATTER

Junky Jeff. Oozy Suzy. Creepy Carol. No, these aren’t verbal taunts hurled by high school trash talkers in the new documentary Bully (click here for showtimes). They’re just a few of the the feel-good nicknames of the Garbage Pail Kids! Launched in the 80s as a satirical riff on the Cabbage Patch Kids craze, the iconic sticker series gets a modern-day retrospective in a new book from their maker, The Topps Company ($19.95, available at Amazon and bookstores nationwide). Included in the 224-page hardbound anthology is a complete collection of deliciously deviant artwork from series 1-5, along with limited-edition stickers and an introduction by “GPK” creator Art Spiegelman. Check out some of our favorite dumpster delights, below.





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